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Ron tried investing in the stock market decades ago when he first learned about investing and putting your money to work for you. He lost $5000 in the first foray, so he turned to real estate. After doing really well with student rentals for years, Ron saw how well Erwin and other investors in his community were doing really well with Stock Hacking, and he decided to jump in. At first, Ron didn’t think Stock Hacking was going to yield any results, but he was pleasantly surprised as he developed this new skill.

“I am option trading, at the moment, and I can happily say I am doing a lot better than when I first started investing in stocks, 15 years ago. I am currently doing option trading with companies that I am very familiar with, who are a regular part of most people’s lives. You know, it’s going pretty well. This has been a very life changing moment. There’s a few moments in my life I look back on as game changing. Yeah, Stocking Hacking changed the trajectory of my life. Even though I just started in December, I can honestly say this is going to be a life changing skill to have. I wish I knew about this so many years ago.”

Ron Esteban


Teacher, Oakville, ON

Hi Erwin. There are tons of people out there selling education on the internet. Cherry is my accountant and I trust her, which gave me the courage to join Stock Hacker Academy, (and to trust you 😉. I have realized $4,000 in profits selling naked puts in July, thanks to you!

Christian Ratcliffe

Full-Time Real Estate Investor, Victoria, BC

As Seen on Google Reviews

Michael Ras

Mississauga, ON

Making the complex much more straightforward. I have a lot still to learn, but a great base. Erwin, Cherry and team have pivoted from in-person to online very well and they're accessible and easy to engage with. If you're looking for unpretentious investing training (not advice - just training) then consider Erwin, Cherry and Team.

Kevin McNally

Hamilton, ON

Although you could learn everything you need to know through YouTube and books, the course delivered by Erwin, Lee and his team provide a shortcut to success, by helping you avoid the pitfalls and many risks that catch traders who are starting out, especially with options. The community of sharing and helping others helps to fast track successfully bringing this additional income stream online.

Brent Black

Milton, ON

I'm a skeptical person by nature but one thing I've re-learned the last few years has been you need to invest in your learnings to progress. This course and knowledge has far exceeded my expectations. The risk adverse approach and multiple ways to win helps the novice (like me) get going. On top of the course the networking has been great. Nothing live these days but looking forward to it.

Evan Boyd

Stouffville, ON

Erwin is someone that Ive grown to trust over the years of following his emails and podcasts. The presentation was well done and the access to the website content very easy. The best part was Lee Lowell’s teaching was easy to follow and really took time to answer people’s questions.

Josh Doyle

Burlington, ON

Thanks Erwin Szeto! This side hustle is quickly turning Into a main hustle..stock options has been life changing to say least! It’s a great feeling to be able to tell your wife she can quit her job anytime she likes 🙏🏻

Tim Collins

Nanaimo, BC

Really a game changing experience for me. I have so much trust in these guys which is hard to find in the investing education world. Their heart is absolutely in the right place and they over deliver every time.

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